Using Grass Carp to Control Aquatic Weeds

from page 14–The simplest and most economical long-term aquatic

weed control method for aquatic weeds such as duckweed,

become thin because they are not able to prey on the
forage species. Large growths of weeds also remove
hydrilla, pondweed and milfoil is to stock sterile triploid

grass carp. The grass carp, or white amur, is an Asian carp

nutrients, which reduces algae production (food).
brought to this county, for aquatic weed control. Grass

Aquatic weeds can be controlled by manual, chemical and
carp consume vegetation almost exclusively after they

reach 10 inches in length. They will not reproduce in the

biological means. Manual control of species such as cattails
is practical when they first start to colonize a pond. Woody
pond, will not muddy the pond like common carp, will not

vegetation along the dam also can be controlled manually.
disturb the nests of other fish, and they consume 30 to 40
percent of their body weight in weeds every day during

warm weather.

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