Lake Management Dynamics

Each and every lake is dynamic. Simply said, no two lakes are ever exactly alike, so you should not approach the management of your lake with a cookie-cutter attitude. In fact, even ponds in the same watershed and built very close to each other can be very different in appearance, and differences in watershed and soil characteristics are particular to each pond. Differences affecting lake management are those associated with water quality, phytoplankton and zooplankton, and fish populations. These dynamics will impact your largemouth bass, channel catfish, or hybrid perch.

Lake water quality factors such as temperature, pH, alkalinity, hardness, and dissolved oxygen all affect fish health and production. These water quality parameters are rarely constant in a pond, even throughout a 24 hour period! Yes, temperature, dissolved oxygen, and pH will change or cycle each day and alkalinity can change over longer periods of time.

If you are serious about managing your private lake or pond for maximum recreational fishing, one of the first steps will be to grasp these all important, and dynamic, fluctuations in these water quality parameters.

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