The Essentials of Lake Management

The essentials of pond and lake management

Although no two lakes are alike, every lake or pond can be managed to provide optimal recreational fishing and associated activities. Not only will practicing the fundamentals of lake management increase pond productivity, but also decrease problems associated with aquatic vegetation, fish stunting, and water quality issues. Each and every lake may be different, but the  same management techniques will work on each and every body of water.

The most important part of managing anything, whether it be a farm, a company, or a fish population is having a thorough understanding of the subject and learning how to identify and diagnose problems. Once a  lake manager is aware of lake inputs, potential lake problems (such as low dissolved oxygen), and how to remedy those issues they can truly manage their lake. The essential parts of any lake management program will include:

1. Fish species selection and stocking rates
2. Fertilizing and liming
3. Aquatic weed control
4. Watershed management
5. Prevention of fish overpopulation
6. Removal of unwanted fish species
7. Lake or pond construction
8. Water quality and lake management
9. Lake record keeping

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